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Metal Sonic  -  To Ashes by K4VE
.:Halloween_2015! Death_Machine + SpeedPaints:. by Niko-Nikoole
Game Over. by Dexter01992
I need sorted
Rouge v Fakeman- Please call the police by shadowmanwily
:SPCOMM: Blinky Jaden by Sanctus-san
Anippe nomnom by Sanctus-san
:PCOMM: Blue by Sanctus-san
Sonic the Hedgehog
''Without a shadow of a doubt... by Chrystun-Y
Sonic Channel Enjoy Wallpaper Mock Up by KonKonna
Sonic vampire by Mangakido
Contest Prize: Sonic Huggking Kitten by Mangakido
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow- Alt. Outfit by HaloEssence
Shadow Vampire by Mangakido
Sonic X example by Mangakido
.Flowers. by sh4dzi
Silver the Hedgehog
Just Like Daddy! by MsLunarUmbreon
Silver (practice) by Hikari-Reika
Silver The Hedgehog by PhilipG98
AT:Why I'm so handsome? by SonicCake16
Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles COTM by Mangakido
Knuckles by EmmyMadhell
.:DIGI:. - SONIC CHRONICLES - Classic Knuckles by Hyper-Studios
Irritated by TwoBerries
Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails and cats by Mangakido
Iain Armitage as Miles 'Tails' Prower by MZimmer1985
C: Sir Prowler by Blossom-fur7
Toothpaste Taste Yuck by SchrodingersMeerkat
Amy Rose
Sweet Amy by sarahlouiseghost
Amy stance by BeeWinter55
Amy punch by BeeWinter55
Amy kick by BeeWinter55
Blaze the Cat
Blaze COTM by Mangakido
Blaze Meets My Hero Academia by RoyalRabbot
Discount CM- Blaze Hourglass 2 by Kojiro-Brushard
CM- Blaze the Cat by Kojiro-Brushard
Rouge the Bat
CM- Rouge on your phone by Kojiro-Brushard
Sonic x Persona 5- Phantom Thief Rouge by shadowmanwily
Character Select Rouge Page Doll (FREE TO USE) by KagesCupcake195
Other Official Male Characters
...Without you, Babylon is dead by NemoNemini
Other Official Female Characters
COTM Cream by Mangakido
Sonic Boom Official Characters
Sticks :CotM: by SuperBlade9000
Archie and STC Official Characters
Pingas by Kojiro-Brushard
Badniks - Robots
Shard (kinda) by KarrieTheHedgehog1
Flickies - Chao - Wisps - Animal Friends
Sara by PhilipG98
Fan Characters
Commission 20 by TotallyTits
Groups Official Characters Only
Team Babylon breakup (1) by NemoNemini
Groups Fan Characters Only
CP: The Power of Three by Blossom-fur7
Groups Official and Fan Characters
Shoni - Two being One by toni987
Couples All Characters
The OTP Spring Contest Entry by EvilLexie
Stages - Bosses
Super Sonic VS IX - colored - by Heart-Of-Mist
Items - Objects
3D Sonic shoe by ZeroR102
Artisan Crafts - Cosplays
Sonic the hedgehog by Crescent-Winged
StH - Welcome to Station Square, Tails! (MMD) by Bunny-Kirby
Bendy Channel by Dog22322
Flash - Animations - GIFs
:PCOMM: Emmelie chibi icon by Sanctus-san
Sprites - Pixel Art
.:COLLAB:. A cup of love~ by Whimsical-Wings
Icons - Avatars
.:PC:. - Icon Commission for Odesiya by Hyper-Studios
Line Arts - Sketches
[Incomplete][Sonic The Hedgehog] Cream Puff by Display-This-Anyway
Stamps - Buttons - Banners - etc
Amy Stamp by PhilipG98
Wallpapers Other
Shadow The Hedgehog Smartphone Wallpaper by PhilipG98
E.G.G.C.H.A.N. by Kojiro-Brushard
Contest Entries
Secret Santa 2014
Secret Santa 2015
[SS]  I'm All Bark And All Bite by Sue--Boo
Secret Santa 2016
SS: Vincent chao cafe by ShadowyChica


Chaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro Want to affiliate with us? Chaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro
:bulletblue: Must relate to the Sonic universe in some manner :bulletblue:
:bulletred: No hate groups :bulletred:
:bulletyellow: No single fan character groups :bulletyellow:
:bulletpink: Should be an active group with an avatar/icon :bulletpink:

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Chaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro Check out these amazing artworks! Chaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro
:bulletblue: Feel free to suggest works here, they just have to be of high quality. :bulletblue:

Welcome! ~Please Read~



Greetings from TrueBlueInstitute! You'll surely feel at home here, so find a spot and get comfortable. We accept most art, but there are a few guidelines to making this an enjoyable and creative atmosphere for deviants of all circles!

So please, give these rules a good read-through to avoid any problems.

Mini Sonic by NatakiroChaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro Rules and Guidelines Chaos Emeralds (S1) by NatakiroMini Knuckles by Natakiro

:bulletred: Please submit artworks to the correct folders; if you are not sure where to place it, feel free to ask one of the admins or put it in the Miscellaneous folder; we will move it to the correct location later.

:bulletorange: All mediums, styles, and skill levels are accepted, as well as any universe, including fan characters! However, the quality must show that some effort was put into it (no blurry or overly distorted images).

:bulletyellow: NO hate art, offensive material, or excessive violence. Minor gore is permitted, though.

:bulletgreen: NO fetishes, hentei, overly-suggestive themes, or anything sexually explicit. :no:

:bulletblue: NO WIPs or unfinished artworks; it just clutters the gallery. Finished sketches are fine.

:bulletpurple: NO traces or copied artwork. Submitted work must be YOUR OWN unless with permission from the original artist: the only exception to this is the "Other Wallpapers" folder with official images and such. Wallpapers with original designs that are your own work should go into that character's folder.

:bulletpink: NO recolors or dollmaker characters.

:bulletred: Please show respect to the other members and be nice to each other. Absolutely NO flame wars or pointless trolling will be tolerated! :police:

:bulletorange: For now, there is no limit to the amount of deviations that can be submitted per day. Go 'hog wild! :la:

:bulletyellow: Join Requests are automatically accepted, so just hit the "Join" button and that's it! Also note that deactivated accounts will be removed from the group.

:bulletgreen: If you have any suggestions, questions, or need to discuss something important, please contact the founder Natakiro or drop a comment below.

:bulletblue: Always be sure to have fun and share the love of the Blue Blur!

Why not Donate some points to us for contest prizes?

:bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletred:>>CLICK HERE TO DONATE<<:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletblue:
*Any points given will only be used for the group!*

:bulletgreen: Check out these wonderful donors :bulletgreen:
:iconcrimson-soul16: :iconhoudanmush:


:bulletblue: These are your trusty administrators that help run this group. If you ever need anything, just ask one of us, and we'll try to help!








*REMINDER: Get your submissions finished and let me know once you're done! Be sure to submit it to our SS folder*

Mini Sonic by NatakiroThe Secret Santa submission folder is HERE! Mini Knuckles by Natakiro

The pairing has been finished! We have 38 participants, which is great! :la: Thank you everyone who has joined. I hope that you all enjoy this exchange! :meow:

Everyone that has joined will receive a note from us, titled "TBI Secret Santa", including all of the necessary information needed to make your receiver's gift. They will be distributed over the next 48 hours.

Just reposting the rules, to be clear. When you signed up, you agreed to the rules. If  you do not follow them, we hold the right to deny your submission. If someone's submission is denied, they will have an opportunity to fix it. However, if they fail to, someone else (from those volunteering to do more than one) will be asked to cover for them.

Chaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro RULES:
• Has to follow the group's rules, found on the group's Home page to the right
• The artwork can be Holiday-themed, but doesn't have to be.
• New artworks only: should be made for the exchange and have been submitted after the start date; no previously uploaded works are allowed.
• Can be any skill level or medium, but must show that effort put into it; NO line arts, sketches, etc. Try your very best!
• Must be an original artwork, NO bases, traces, or recolors!
• Must be in color and shaded to an extent (full-shaded if in graphite, etc.) This is a gift exchange, so it should be of good quality.
• Literary works must be at least 700 words (Check HERE to see how long 700 words is). Keep the characters "in character"!
• Anyone can enter, but you must be a member of the group.
• Has to include the group icon in the description of the entrant's artwork, and say that it is for this Secret Santa. To put the name in the description, simply type :icontrueblueinstitute:
• If you fail to follow these rules, your submission will be rejected!
• Sad that this has to be said, but: NO griping or complaining if you get an artist that you don't want; this happened last year and made it very unpleasant to deal with. If you have a real reason to dislike the person that you are drawing for or get your gift from, please note us! If you act ungrateful or rude for petty or shallow reasons, you will be banned from future exchanges.

Chaos Emeralds (S1) by Natakiro :bulletred: GIFT EXCHANGE DEADLINE:
We are aiming to have the gift exchange from Christmas Eve to New Year's (since some people are too busy to do it on just Christmas day.) This means that you are NOT ALLOWED to upload your artwork onto dA or let your receiver know before Christmas Eve. However, you can upload it to your, then upload it proper once it's Christmas Eve. We do not want anyone having their gift spoiled, so do not show them or mention them in the artwork until this deadline. Whenever you finish your gift, PLEASE LET US KNOW! You can send us a note saying so, and include a link to the if you have it ready before Christmas Eve. We need to make sure that everyone gets their artworks done, as well as to be certain that everyone is receiving one.

Be sure to include the username of the person that you are making your art for in the description of the submission, and be sure to directly give it to them once it's time to. It is not our responsibility to hand them out. To include their name, just type :devUSERNAME:

So, you must show us your finished artwork by December 24th! We will be contacting those who do not get it in by then and keep reminding them until they do.

If you spoil someone's gift and/or fail to complete your submission and don't give us enough warning with an honest excuse, we will not be happy, and will ban you from future Secret Santas!

:bulletred: :bulletred: NOTE: If you have to cancel your participation, PLEASE give us enough warning so that we can get someone else to do make one in your stead.

:bulletblue: Participants:
Natakiro Mecha-Katt Sue--Boo squidkid11 EHBTheKomata Skyward-Spark-25 JovialNightz ShadowTheYaoiHog Bluecean EvilLexie JBtwoseven ShadowyChica xCrypticDreams Dog22322 splushmaster12 DrTrueBlue Falconpawnch7 Mephilesthe Galaxynite Whimsical-Wings SuperBlade9000 Dancing-Kitten WeebLungs ultimate-galaxy DrGaster Iguruwashi xXSpirit-The-DarkXx TheWizardAlchemist SonicPikapal Cometshina Kirashadraws99 Red-The-Mink Nighttheshadow TheUltimateEnigma Segaplaya Sarah-Herron Dandy-Zandy halfway-to-insanity

Knuckles Continue by Natakiro
Have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Secret Santa? Please leave us your feedback below!

Sonic Wave by Natakiro Have fun, and keep the blue spirit alive! Knuckles Thumbs Up by Natakiro
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